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DEGUISA was founded in 1966 based on highly trained staff to offer advanced technology, products and services in refractory and combustion markets.

DEGUISA opened its manufacturing plant in Amurrio in 1973. After several expansions the actual plant has more than 7000 m2 dedicated to manufacturing laboratory, mechanical workshop plus offices and warehousing.

Previous experience in the field
It has modern production facilities for the manufacturing of burners sliding gate valve, refractory elements shaped by casting or pressing, monolithic for all type of linings and a complete laboratory for the analysis of refractory materials.

The company develops, manufactures and sales traditional refractory products used mainly in:

  • steelmaking plants
  • foundries for iron, aluminium and steel
  • blast, gas, electrical or induction furnaces

Main tasks and responsibilities within NIWE

  • Design of the new refractories for iron and steel solutions. The purpose of this task is the design of the
    refractory material for the demonstrators by means of new materials and compositions in order to achieve
    greater heat insulation combining with large durability. Different refractory materials will be simulated to
    know their behaviour against thermal changes.
  • Ensure the effectiveness of linings designed.
  • Glass industry
  • Combustion equipment