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Lab scale testing at 100kW, 180kg (TECNALIA facilities)

Great succes:

  • 100kW of wireless power transfer systems, never done before
  • 44 castings done with WPT
  • 90% Average efficiency in the Tecnalia facilities tests.
  • Efficiency achievement above 95% during short periods.

Industrial Demo at FURESA (IRON) – 1000kg 

(Without WPT – 500 kW)

Industrial Demo at BILBOBUL (Steel) – 1000kg 

(Without WPT – 500 kW)


Advantages for use with the wireless system

  • Minimize overheating of the molten metal before pouring to the ladle.
  • Reduction of overheating thanks to its innovative refractory with great insulating power, even more so if it can be moved to the exact pouring areas..
  • Saving in energy, raw materials and process costs, based on the improvement of the metallurgical quality of the manufactured material, since, by avoiding such overheating, this quality does not deteriorate.
  • The availability to change alloy qualities increases with this more efficient working operation.
  • In the future, several furnaces like demonstrator working at the same time can provide great versatility and efficiency to this kind of factories.

The working operation at both kind of foundries will be very similar

In the eventual case that heat treatments were avoided, the improvement in the entire casting process can exceed the initially anticipated savings of 25%, but even in cases where heat treatment cannot be eliminated (in the case of all steels) or is not necessary (many irons and aluminium) the net savings obtained are very significant (between 5 and 11%), even compensating for the over-consumption caused by the use of wireless.