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The NIWE system tested in F2A

consisted in two Wireless Power Transfer ( WPT) of 100 kW which fed two  Aluminum furnaces of 800 Kg each

After preliminary analysis

The furnaces hold two parallel lines of resistances, one in the low part of the furnaces and another in the upper part.

Through the picture aside, we can observe one of the mentioned prototypes in the Fonderie 2A facilities, with the energy supply by a WPT system and controlled by a control cabinet.

The WPT maintains the temperature of the load in the holding operation at 680 ºC, while waiting for feeding the HPDC cycle. Therefore there is no need of a overheat up to 750ºC of the aluminum, reducing the consumption of energy and increasing the quality of the aluminum.

It showed for a 14,5 hours test an energy consumption of 28,25 kWh in order to maintain 486 kg of molten aluminium at 720 ºC

Each WPT consists of two modules (primary and secondary) of 50 kW.

These modules are able to feed independently each of the resistances lines of the furnaces.

Two different sensors, one for the weight of the load in the furnace and another for temperature gives the signals to the WPTs to feed the resistances .This intelligent control of weight and temperature improves the efficiency of the process.

Over 300  kg  -> Two modules working ( 2x 50 kW)

Below 300 kg  -> one module working ( 50kW)

Below 680ºC  -> ON

Over 680º  -> OFF