Activities and Expected Results

/Activities and Expected Results
Activities and Expected Results 2017-05-29T06:52:01+00:00


  • Specifications of technical conditions, environmental issues and health and safety aspects.
  • Detailed design of each demonstrator: new processes, materials and equipment.
  • Validation at laboratory scale of the pilots design and simulations, prior to the construction of the demonstrators.
  • Development of the necessary technical documentation prior to the construction of the demonstrators.
  • Construction of the three demonstrators. Test and validation of the new technologies.
  • Monitoring of energy consumptions, GHG emissions, and product quality.

Expected results

  • Recommendations for new processes and equipment.
  • New integral design of processes, materials and equipment for aluminium, Steel and iron demonstrators through simulation.
  • New detailed concept and methodology for manufacturing processes in the metallurgical industry.
  • Three furnaces prototypes to be tested including NIWE concept.
  • Operation guides for the new processes and equipment.
  • Definition of new production models.