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The Spanish Federation of Foundry Associations (FEAF) is formed by the union of the Foundry Association of the Basque Country an Navarre (AFV) and the Foundry Association of Catalonia (AFC), the two most important regional foundry organizations in Spain. Our associates include equipment from the most modern installations to a handcrafted foundry, for which reason we are capable of manufacturing any type of cast piece.

The FEAF groups together 152 associate companies and it is principally made up of ironworks (51companies, 81% of the production) followed by those of non-ferrous foundries (44 companies, 11% of the production), whereas steel casting is represented by 30 companies (8% of production).

The Federation, with Head Office in Bilbao, represents companies from 13 autonomous communities and the year 1997 saw the start of an extension of the Services that the AFV had been carrying out for more than 35 years for the rest of Spain. The FEAF is recognized by all Administrations as the representative of the Foundry Sector.

It participates as patron of Tecnalia Research & Innovation and together with their foundry division, it develops numerous R+D projects at national and international level, participating in numerous International Working Committee.

Main tasks and responsibilities within NIWE

The main task of the AFV will be the dissemination of the results in the foundry sector and other sector through agreements and contacts that AFV have.

Relevant network and experience

In recent years the AFV has participated in different European technical projects like SMART FOUNDRY or DIOUFUR. In regard to LEONARDO European projects, the AFV have led two major projects.

Foundry Association of the Basque Country and Navarre participated as a promoter of the European project E-DECOM ³Learning system based on the NTIC for the development of the workers key competences in the Foundry sector (ES/08/LLP-LdV/TOI/149051).

The AFV has been participating as the promoter of the European project MAGISTER Transfer of experience and knowledge in the familiar SME (2010-1ES-LEO05-20954).

In Addition to all the above mentioned, the AFV is a participant organisation of the FP7 project FOUNDENERGY Waste heat recovery power generation based on Organic Rankin Cycle (ORC) Technology in Foundry Industry that is about to start. Therefore, AFV has the technical and human resources for significant contribution to the Project.