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Furesa has been producing moulded Ductile (spheroidal graphite) iron pieces for a quarter century, offering solutions for a great variety of industrial applications.

Experience and quality in all its work have become the distinguishing feature that allows FURESA to reach expert level in nodular casting, a technique that reaches a high level of specialization, especially in the casting of GGG 40.3 iron.

Its experience means that FURESA can bring together the client’s requirements with the quality achieved in the product and continuous asessment. A perfect combination.

Main tasks and responsibilities within NIWE

Validation of the prototypes on Iron , as well as the development, manufacturing and testing of the Iron demonstrator in their facilities under real conditions.

The design and manufacture process will be executed by the R&D Department composed by 3 people. Also there will act the laboratory, to check the produced samples and prototypes.