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The production capacity of Bilbobul S.L. is 50 tons per month of chemical sand-mould casting in stainless steel, and special alloys, although its real production capacity is 100 tons per month.

Also Bilbobul S.L. can subcontract, near its factory, carbon steel and alloyed steel, using the same patterns; all under the supervision of the technical staff.

Bilbobul S.L. has certificates for:
ISO 9001:2008 from MOODY Int.
Approved manufacturer of BUREAU VERITAS of stainless steel casting
In process of certification for Certificate PED – AD 2000 Merkblatt as producer of valve corps, casting from stainless steel – TUV SUD
The department which is going to execute their work package is composed by 40 direct operators that will elaborate the prototypes in stainless steels, using the foundry plant. They will be managed by the technical department, composed by 5 technical people, leaded by the Quality manager. The design and manufacture process will be executed by the R&D Department composed by 3 people. Also there will act the laboratory, to check the produced samples and prototypes.

Main tasks and responsibilities within NIWE

To validate the new melting furnace, making prototypes, and studying their metallurgical quality, that means, the new technology has no harmfully influence in the metallurgical quality of castings produced in steel foundries. To check the reduction in energy consumptions in industrial steel foundries with sand moulding systems.