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SEMATEC (subsidiary of APAVE-France) was created in 1997 and has a large experience on the equipment safety inspection.

SEMATEC is in the risk control business and provides a complete range of technical and intellectual services in the areas of inspection, assistance, tests and measurements, training and consulting. All are designed to enhance the safety of people and property and optimize the performance of organizations.

Main tasks and responsibilities within NIWE

SEMATEC works to ensure that technical installations and equipment comply with current regulations when commissioned and to keep them in good working order and compliance during operation. We also provide technical assistance to equipment manufacturers in the design phase. For the inspection activity we have the ENAC accreditation in the electrical installations and mechanical equipment fields.

Relevant network and experience

SEMATEC has a large experience on the foundry market. SEMATEC has inspected the safety of all kind of furnaces in more than 30 foundries in Spain. SEMATEC has a large experience in machine design projects of all types, having worked for companies such as DANOBAT, ULMA, EUSKAL FORGING. As a subcontractor, SEMATEC provides technical support in the EDEFU Project “New Designs of ecological Furnaces” (set up of safety procedures to be adopted by staff operating the furnace).