NIWE stakeholders meeting

//NIWE stakeholders meeting

NIWE stakeholders meeting

Last  16th of October NIWE Project celebrated a Stakeholder´s meeting in Brussels. Partners of the NIWE Project presented all achievements and developments to the attendees. The main objective of this meeting was to present and comment, within a selected and reduced audience, the innovations of NIWE project to the European foundry industry.

In this stakeholders meeting TECNALIA, AFV and CIRCE showed participants the latest results of the project, the WPT technology and the improved foundry processes in aluminium, steel and iron sectors (lab scale demonstrators). The impact and interest in foundry sector and the WPT in other industrial sectors was also treated in the meeting. In this sense, the NIWE Project had the opportunity to exchange information with representatives of EERA JP EEIP, EU Aluminium Association, SPIRE and the European Commission.

As it was demonstrated in the meeting, the NIWE Project follow the roadmap of the European Commission. NIWE project is directly related to energy efficiency policy promoted and developed by the European Union for last 10 years. Thus, NIWE project fits with the European Union policy and regulations above energy efficiency at industry.

The meeting served as a networking tool too between different EU innitiaves and representatives. Most of the representatives of the meeting commented their willingness to collaborate in disseminating the NIWE project in-between their dissemination channels.