Seventh Niwe General Meeting

//Seventh Niwe General Meeting

Seventh Niwe General Meeting


Between the 27th and 28th of February took place the seventh general meeting of NIWE project in F2A’s facilities, Santena (Torino, Italy).

As on previous occasions, the meeting served to take over the work done by each partner and update different work packages. As in the last meeting held in Tecnalia’s facilities, the meeting had the presence of European Commissions representatives.

During the first day of the meeting, the consortium had the opportunity to take a look to the Aluminium demonstrators in F2A plant working in industrial conditions. After a presentation of F2A by its General Manager, the consortium started with a reminder of general objectives of the project and a review of actions pending from the previous Assembly.

According to the Aluminium demonstrator, it can be said that the Aluminium furnace demonstrators confirm the operational feasibility of Wireless Power Transfer (WPT) concept, which is already a huge success for the project.

Regarding steel and iron demonstrators, the consortium will try to obtain the objective of reducing a 25% of the overall consumption of the furnace. In this meeting, there were treated different topics, such as: the temperature in the coils, the use of new materials in the refractories to reduce the external temperature, grid filter coils…

Dissemination was another issue tackled in the meeting. It was mentioned that more dissemination actions are needed, in particular, that the future actions planned for the next period chart should be assured.

Additionally, financial issues, DoW review or results to date were treated at the end of this second session.

Next venue of the general assembly will be held in the headquarters of the project partner Ondarlan, between October and December 2017.