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NIWE project was present at SUBCONTRATACIÓN’17, International Fair of Manufacturing Processes and Equipment

Between the 6th and 8th of June 2017 took place the trade-show "SUBCONTRATACIÓN 2017, International Trade Fair for Processes and Equipment for Manufacturing" which was held simultaneously with the FERROFORMA, FITMAQ, MAINTENANCE , PUMPS & VALVES and ADDIT3D at Bilbao Exibition Center (BEC, Bizkaia). A total of 19.200 professionals from 71 countries attended all the [...]

In June will be done the start-up and testing of the WPT and the furnace

In May was delivered to TECNALIA the WPT (Wireless Power Transfer) lab scale prototype of 100 kW for iron and steel Sectors. This systems will be tested over a Furnace provided by ONDARLAN. Although the system is designed to be used to maintain the metal molten, it will be tested to melt iron and steel. [...]

The NIWE Wireless furnace is demonstrated at F2A facilities

Last March, in the facilities of F2A, started the demonstration of the two WPT ( Wireless Power Transfer) of 100 kW developed in the project NIWE. With the WPT system is possible to avoid the overheating and adapt the usual layout for aluminium moulding. The new lay-out allows to avoid the overheating up to 720 [...]