The NIWE Wireless furnace is demonstrated at F2A facilities

Last March, in the facilities of F2A, started the demonstration of the two WPT ( Wireless Power Transfer) of 100 kW developed in the project NIWE. With the WPT system is possible to avoid the overheating and adapt the usual layout for aluminium moulding. The new lay-out allows to avoid the overheating up to 720 [...]

NIWE article in one of the most relevant European magazines of the energy sector

The project partner CIRCE has collaborated with the European Energy Innovation journal in the release of an article about two of its main project regarding industrial energy efficiency, being NIWE one of them. The article offers a brief overview of the latest project achievements, providing to the journal audience a general overview of the project [...]

NIWE presents its results at the Industrial Technologies conference

The NIWE project participated in the Industrial Technologies congress, one of the main event about production technologies across Europe, which was celebrated between 22nd and 24th of June in Amsterdam. CIRCE, as a coordinator of the project, submitted and abstract that was accepted by the organization to be presented within the poster sessions. The work, [...]

NIWE project was presented in the 29th BIEMH Machine Tool Biennial

The biggest industrial trade show in Spain has registered 1533 exhibitors from around 30 countries, 2605 products, 1163 large-scale machines in operation and an economic impact estimated at €36 million. Between the 30th of May and 4th of June the BIEMH Machine-Tool Biennial was held at the Bilbao Exhibition Centre (BEC). The expectations for the [...]

The IPT aluminium prototype is ready and able to melt 300 Kg of aluminium in 3 hours

Irún, Spain. 17/09/2015 During the month of September the NIWE partner CIRCE proceeded to the commissioning and start-up of the 100kW prototype IPT system for aluminium at TECNALIA’s facilities in the municipality of Irún. The prototype worked according to the expectations and maintained 400 kG of aluminium the furnace of KROWN. In recent tests, the [...]


Dusseldorf, Germany. 16/06/2015 The partners of NIWE project Tecnalia, AFV, Krown and Furesa attended the largest and most competitive fair in the world of foundry industry. The 13th International Foundry Fair (GIFA), was held in Dusseldorf (Germany), between June 16th and June 20th, gathering some of the main companies, research centers and experts of this [...]

The partner AFV showed NIWE´s developments at SUBCONTRATACIÓN, International Fair of Manufacturing Processes and Equipment

Bizkaia, Spain 09/06/2015 Between the 26th and 29th of May took place the trade-show “FERROFORMA, SUBCONTRATACIÓN, FITMAQ, PUMPS & VALVES and MAINTENANCE” at Bilbao Exibition Center (BEC, Bizkaia). The NIWE partner AFV, was present at this event representing the consortium of the project. AFV had a stand there where they could show and inform all [...]